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“Looking ahead to 2019 and beyond …

We like to escape the cold and gloom of February so we are heading south to the Canary Islands when we visit Gran Canaria with its beautiful and rugged countryside and a chance of some warmth. In mid-March we travel to the Anti-Atlas Mountains of Morocco which are well worth a visit. The Berber culture is fascinating as is the wonderful flora and fauna. In June, we return to what has to be our favourite hotel when we visit South Tyrol in the Italian Dolomites. The hotel is surrounded by alpine meadows and woodland with lady’s slipper orchids nearby. The mountain flowers will be at their glorious best.

We have three new exciting destinations – At the end of April we visit Galicia, the most north westerly part of Spain, not far from Santiago de Compostella, which has a language of its own. If you really want to feel ‘on holiday’ then come with us in May to Central Greece to the fabulous Zagora Villages & the Pindhos Mountains where there is a gentle pace of life, fabulous scenery, good walks and delicious food. In September we travel to Montenegro – a small country with a rich culture and some spectacular countryside.

Looking ahead to June 2020 – we are planning to visit Georgia. Everything about the Great Caucasus is awe-inspiring. The mountains are breathtakingly beautiful with many peaks reaching over 5,000m and they dominate the landscape of the whole region. Much of the range lies above the treeline which has been lowered by millennia of grazing and clearance and huge areas of open alpine grasslands, cliffs, screes, snowfields and even glaciers provide homes for a huge range of wildflowers. The mountains sweep from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea, while the central region is characterised by a distinctive steppe habitat. If you would like more details just let us know.

We do hope you will be able to join us.

We have recently made a donation to Norfolk Wildlife Trust to help towards their project at Hickling Nature Reserve. Over the past three years Hickling Marshes has experienced large scale wetland habitat restoration and now needs to follow this with a programme of improvements to enhance the visitor experience and to coincide with their 90th anniversary celebrations.

CUSTOMERS COMMENTS – We receive lots of lovely letters from many of you and we thought the comment below sums us up well:

“Many thanks to you and Richard for the chance of a most enjoyable visit to Corsica – a chance to ‘travel slowly’ and absorb the wonderful landscape and meet with great company.”

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